Nathan Trent (Austria, 2017): “I am currently writing new music”

After an historic Eurovision Song Contest with Portugal as a winner for the very first time, we come back with another interview. This time we had the great opportunity to talk to Nathan Trent, the Austrian candidate who sang Running on air in the Ukranian stage a month ago. He placed 16th with 93 points. We asked him about the experience in the contest, his musical career and his future projects. Enjoy!

1. What did it mean to you to represent your country at the Eurovision Song Contest?

It was a great honor and I’m still overwhelmed and humbled by this incredible experience.

2. Have you any anecdote being in Kyiv?

I only can say that the people there are incredibly kind, open-minded and friendly.



3. When did you start singing?

I started singing when I was about 4 years old and I haven’t stopped since.

4. Have you any favourite Eurovision song of all the time?

For me Euphoria is the all time ESC song, because it simply is an incredibly well-written song.

5. Who are your musical inspirations?

I have many artists, who inspire me. I would say Craig David, Beyonce and Michael Jackson have had the biggest influence in my style of music.


© Martin Hauser Photography, 2016

6. Tell us about the creating process of your songs.

I usually start with the arrangement and then I find the fitting melodie with the lyrics. When I write with others, normally there’s always a beat first and then we try to find a topline together.

7. Besides singing… Do you prefer acting or playing (piano/violin)?

I love acting and dancing. I’ve studied Musical theater, so I love to compine singing with acting and dancing.

8. A few days ago you released the Italian version of Running on air (Fino a che volerò). Are you going to record it in other languages as well?

Let’s just keep this a surprise! 😉

9. From all the Eurovision covers that you made… Which one is your favourite and why.

I think I have to go with J’ai Cherchè! it’s just an amazing and powerful song and it gives me energy.

10. Which hidden talents do you have?

I can wiggle with my ears.


11. Are you planning to release more stuff (debut album, LP, a single…) in the near future?

Yes, I am currently writing new music and can’t wait to release it very soon!

Vielen dank for your time, Nathan! Success in the future!

Thank you for the interview!

All the best, Nathan.

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Download our Running on air wallpaper here.

And don’t forget to follow the Eurovision journey with us!



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