JOWST (Norway, 2017): “For the staging the music and the message in the song are the most important things”

This time we had the chance to interview JOWST, the Norwegian candidates in this Eurovision Song Contest. They are going to represent their country after winning the Melodi Grand Prix with the song Grab the Moment.

1.What do you feel about representing Norway in Eurovision 2017?

Aleksander: I can’t describe how proud I am, because it’s like playing a fotball game for your team, or like the olympics. And we love music so its like the greatest honor for us.

2. What’s the story of Grab The Moment and how did the song come to exist?

Well, the song is called Grab The Moment and has a long history. I made the instrumental and needed someone to make the lyrics for it, because I don’t do that myself. So I got in touch with this guy named Jonas McDonnell and he wrote the lyrics. It was more like a Rap/Hip Hop song in the beginning, but then I told Jonas to try something different and he said: “Sure!” So we started making demos and adding, and changing guitars, drums and synthezisers. And then come september I saw a Facebook ad saying: Do you want to be in the Eurovision (MGP), so I tought “Yeah why not?” and submitted the demo.
4-5 months later this guy from NRK (Norwegian Television who is hosting Eurovision) called me and told me they wanted to use this song for the Eurovision 2017 in Norway, so I talked with Jonas and we both agreed that we should find someone else that would do this song, so the song was sent out to different managing people, and Aleksander Walmann wanted to do it. I knew about Aleksander from beeing on The Voice in Norway 2012.

3. Can you tell us more about the idea behind the national final staging?

The national staging of our act for Grab The Moment will be based from what we did on stage in Norway where the music and the message in the song are the most important. In Norway I think we had one of the “cleanest” shows, we didn’t have dancers or any special effects. Just focus on the music. So for Kiev, we are gonna do that but build a bigger show around it. And the mask will stay on!

4. To Aleksander: For how long have you been singing? To Joakim: For how long have you been producing?

Aleksander: I have been singing for as long as I remember, one of the first memories I have from music is my grandpa who is playing the guitar and my grandma is playing the piano and they are singing these gospel and folk songs, so I started learning harmonies when I was like 4-5 years old. Me and my family have been singing as long as I can remember and I started in a gospel choir when I was young but other than that only singing to my family and closest friends until 2012 with The Voice that was my TV debute. I’m happy I “Grabbed The Moment” and startet singing to more people.

Joakim: I have been producing music since like 2008 and before that I only played guitar, but that`s when i started producing music on the computer and playing with a lot of different genres, But in a professional  way i have only produced music for about 3 years, mostly as a sound engineer.

5. What makes this song unique in the Eurovision Song Contest?

I think the reason why this song is so unique in the Eurovision Song Contest is the fact that it was not made for the ESC, when you listen to the other ESC songs you can hear that its a “ESC” song, but our song is not. But still it is in the contest so it works I guess.

6. Who are your musicals inspirations?

Aleksander: Ed Sheeran, because he is really good with painting pictures with his lyrics and he combines a lot of different genres into his songs like rap, pop, folk and so on.

Joakim: It has to be everything I see and do, and everything I hear and read. Like feelings I get, that makes me make music.

7. What word describes you best?

Aleksander: Positive in a social way or social in a positive way.

Joakim: Impatient.

8. If you could be someone else for one day, who would you be?

Aleksander: Maybe Bruno Mars? I think he has some cool days, because he is a cool guy!

Joakim: I would choose to be a rich guy and give away all my assets to the people that need them the most.

9. Favourite hobbies besides music?

Aleksander: Skating, snowboarding, golfing, climbing and fotball when I have time.

Joakim: My hobbies are walking my dog, and making food from scratch.

10. Besides winning Eurovision, what’s your biggest dream at the moment?

Aleksander: Playing at the Super Bowl, and I really want to work with Ed Sheeran.

Joakim: Producing the next album for Justin Bieber, that would be fun!

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We would like to say thank you for supporting Grab The Moment and for all the Norwegian fans: thank you for voting us through to Kiev and to our European fans: Thank you so much for all your tweets, all your Instagram posts, all your kind messages on Facebook and wherever. We are so happy and we can’t wait to play in Kiev!


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